Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Linda and Richard Eyre

"Our vision is to fortify families by celebrating
commitment, popularizing parenting, validating values, and bolstering balance."


We are Richard and Linda Eyre. For more than 30 years we have been writing books for parents on families, life-balance, and parenting. We have published with Random House, Simon and Schuster, St. Martin’s Press, Deseret Book, McGraw Hill, and Penguin, but we have just found a publisher that we like better than any of them.

It is us.

It is ourselves.

It is avoiding all the middlemen and getting books to those who want them for free.

And it is getting them to people quicker, with more interaction and more feedback for us.

We hope you will like this approach as much as we do! Here is our new philosophy of what books should be in today’s world and our new mission statement about how we hope to make it happen:

The Goal:

Click for Eyres Free Books List Make each of our books (some four dozen in all) available on three levels:
  1. Online for Free
  2. In electronic format (Kindle) for $2.
  3. In quality paperback editions for $5.

How is it possible?

It’s possible because these are our books, we own the copyrights, and we are more interested in getting them to the maximum number of people than in making them generate the maximum amount of money.

Why are you doing it?

Parenting is difficult today—harder and fraught with more challenges than at any time in history. Owner’s manuals don’t come with kids, and most parents don’t have time to analytically and deliberately calculate a family and parenting strategy to match the needs of their kids and the trauma of our times. We have been able to do exactly that analysis and strategizing because of the freedom and access that some of our bestselling books have given us.

Because books have been good to us, we are now at a point where we want to give back, and to give their content to the growing number of parents who need help. We think families are the basic unit of our society and of our economy and we believe that the most important work anyone does is within the walls of his or her home and that no other success can compensate for failure in the family. Thus if anything we have learned, or done, or written can be of help to parents trying to do their best by their children…we are happy to give it.

How will it work?

We already have nearly half of our books transferred here—to this site. They are completely free and are only a click away. If you don’t mind reading on line and on a screen, they may be the only copies you will ever need. If you like to read on a kindle, you will soon be able to download them from Amazon for $2. And if you want them as books, we are working to make them available in special, non advertised personal editions for $5.

Click here for a list of free books from the Eyres

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