Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hales Summer Book Sale August 21-24th 9:00am to 12:00Noon 1612 East 1220 North 752-7253

Greetings Readers!!,
    It's official, I now have more books in the house than my mother ever did!  We have some wonderful novels.   I have both Newberry honor books for 2013 but the Newberry Medal Winner,"The One and Only Ivan" is still $15.99 in hardback.  I have enjoyed getting acquainted with Splendors and Glooms a 2013 honor book (5.00 Soft cover 12 up)  It takes place in London and Three Times Lucky the other honor book (5.00 Hardback 11 up)  I have Becoming Naomi Leo'n from the author of Esperanza Rising. (3.00 11 up)  It's also an ALA Notable Children's Book, ALA Schneider Family Book Award etc.  It's a tender tale of family and loyalty. I found a bunch of copies of Plain Girl by Virginia Sorensen.  She's the same author who wrote Miracles on Maple Hill.  It's a tender and wise book, and the details of Amish living are interesting and authentic. I was able to order Faith, Hope and Ivey June again!  I loved this book about two southern 7th grade girls who switch places for two weeks and visit each others homes and schools.

    I haven't forgotten the boys or their beloved science fiction.  I still have a collection of the Percy Jackson novels.  They are a must read for science fiction buffs.  I also found Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. (5.00 12up) Also, The Dark is RIsing by Susan Cooper.  It won the newberry Medal in 1973 and is a thriller!  I have The Voyage of the Frog by Gary Paulsen whcih is an extremely good book for boys who enjoy adventure.  I will let you know the word DAM shows up in chapter one when the grandfather dies.  It's the only inappropriate word in the book. (2.00 10 up)  The Penderwicks are back!  This is a story for boys and girls about summer adventures.  I didn't put this one down.  It was terrific! (5.00 11up)

    I am well stocked for early readers.  I have a big selection of the Magic Tree House collection (2-3.00 7-9) as well as many, many others.  The hardest and most expensive books to buy are the board books for ages 0-3.  They sell the fastest and have been a bear to get my hands on.  I am happy to report that I have a magnificent collection of board books.  None of the are over five dollars and most are three or four.  Clemintine is also back with a new book to add to her collection.  She was moms favorite for young readers so I try to stock up on her books when I can.  She's a funnier modern day Pippi Longstocking.(3.00 7-9)

    If you have questions on certain books feel free to email me.  I've only listed a very few but hopefully you'll come and see all the goodies we have.  We'll be here Wednesday through Saturday, from 9:00 to 12:00. 1612 East 1220 North Logan Utah  (435) 752-7253
    Thanks so very much for your support!
Most Sincerely,
 Tracine Parkinson  The Book Lady's Daughter

  P.S. Check out for many great titles!