Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book review for October HEROES WITHOUT GLORY by Jack Schaefer

Book review for October
What a great book. Historically the bad guys are renounced while the good guys tend to be lost in their long shadows. Below just a caption of a few of them.
What a great book, I enjoyed it thoroughly, any one from 13 to 100 would enjoy it.
James Capen Adams a one time eastern shoemaker became Grizzly Adams. He took in twin grizzly cubs about 3months old. He named the female Martha Washington and the male Benjamin Franklin. He trained them to be pack animals. Imagine what a stir he made in San Francisco dressed in buckskins and two 800 pound tame grizzlies walking down the street. 1807-1860.
John A. Thomson came from Norway, and longed for his mountains of Norway, eventually he moved to the Sierras and found his mountains. He was a big strong man who enjoyed a blizzard . Their was a need of a man to get mail over the Sierras in the winter time. Often the snow was 15 feet deep , eventual he remember the Norwegian snow shoes. He made a pair what they called snow skates, he whittled them out of oak, they were 10 feet long and 4 inches wide and nearly an inch thick. They weighted 25 pounds this plus his mail bag of 40 pounds or more. No one to show him how to use them he stumbled , he flounder , he fell . He kept on until they were like wings on his feet. Thus skis were brought to America, he modified the skis latter and loved to teach children how to ski. What a debt we in Utah owe this man “SKI UTAH”. A great story.

The library has two copies of this book call number 700056, F591

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