Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Have you considered how the library can help you with your genealogy? Check our webs site ( ). After you are in the Web Site click on the words Newton Public Library, this will bring up a site that you can search our catalog. I suggest your click title, author and subject. I typed in Salisbury and got 10 hits, most of them were pictures of Salisbury’s in Amos Griffins class pictures, to find out which Salisbury’s picture is in our library check each base and the first and last name will appear in the subject or note matter. You will be surprised how much information we have in our Special Collections. This collection grows weekly. Other great sources are the Encyclopedia of the Church, DUP Books, County books, etc. They are indexed and you can have the librarian copy any information from these books.

Another great resource is thru Pioneer which is also on our web site or at ( ) In this data base there are newspapers from all over the county and also Heritage Quest is free to use with our pass word. C1P84327. Click on which ever data base you want, and then a screen will come up with city names on it. Go to where it says Everywhere Else and hit Enter Here this is where you use our password ( C1P84327 ) . You will then be able to search whatever data base you want: For instance in Heritage you will find Census, Books, Persi, Fredmans, Rev War, and Serial Set. All free to you because we are a certified library.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Newton town library will soon have new staff

By Rachel Christensen

Otober 6, 2008 | NEWTON -- Sara Rigby is training to become the town's head librarian and five others have submitted applications to become library helpers, Mayor Clair Christiansen told the Town Council Thursday.

Cleo Griffin, Newton's current head librarian, said Rigby completed the necessary certification and is now being trained to take the position. Griffin also gave council the names of residents interested in becoming library helpers. Christiansen said he was fine with all of the applicants and left the final decision to Griffin.

"Accredited librarians are few and far between," Griffin said.

Griffin also said she is in favor of a proposal to build a county library, however Newton voters who are used to the local library are not.

"We've spoiled them," Griffin said.

Christiansen said the county library fund would help build a new library, however control of the library would go to the county.

"[The library] is the best thing we've got going out here," Christiansen said.

In other business:

- Councilman Greg Jorgenson said the fire truck needs odds and ends ranging from gate valves to mounting brackets. The total price of needed equipment for the fire department is a little over $2,000, he said, and the budget will cover some of the cost.

- The owners of the Griffin property have decided not to subdivide the lot, Councilman Jed Woodward said, and therefore do not have to create a new road. He said they will still have to buy a share of water for the lot, but they do not need to worry about a road unless they do anything else with the land in the future.

- Susan Newmyer-Jeppson, town treasurer, said Newton's 24th of July celebration was a success. The food and T-shirts for the event paid for themselves and 6,256 people attended, she said.

"I think we had more this year than we've ever had," Newmyer-Jeppson said.

- Mayor Christiansen said the price of basic Comcast in Newton will change from $12.99 to $15.99. He also said residents should be aware that the channels they receive from a basic pack will also be changing.



Does any one have pictures of William H. Griffin’s homes? He had three wives and each had a home.
We are also looking for anyone in our wards that had Mormon Battalion ancestors. We want to do a display of them and we will research their histories if you don’ have one. F you can help the library please contact Cleo Griffin at 435-563-6540 or the library on Monday nights from 3 to 7 pm.
We have a school picture that has Doug Griffin and Milo Benson are on; if you can help us identify the rest of the class would you please come to the library to help us.
We have a magazine exchange at the library, If you are through reading the magazines you take would you please donate them to the library. Our children like the National Geographic magazines.
Michelle Griffin is taking money and candy donations for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Eggs to be dyed will be at her house on Thursday April 9th. We need to thank Michelle for providing an Easter Egg hunt for our children.,
Have you visited the library lately: If not you have missed a treat. The new bookcases received via a grant paid for by Senator Hatch’s Utah Family Foundation filled with children’s books are a delight to behold.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Help the library get new kids & teen books, and get books for you too. Friends of the Library have Scholastic book orders at the library each month.
Have you visited our new children’s section, if not you have missed a treat? We have many new books donated by the grant from the Libra Foundation and by Friends of the Library. Also the new bookcases were paid for with grants from Senator Hatch’s Foundation and Dale J Skinner.
Many new Christian Fiction books have been bought with money from our “Grandparents Account


Being able to read is the key. A study by Drs. Betty Hart and Todd Risley at the University of Kansas showed that white-collar children reach kindergarten having heard 45 million words, whereas blue-collar children have only heard 26 million words and poverty-level children have heard only 13 million words. That is a 32 million word difference between the professional children and the poverty children. In the first 4 years of life the results were staggering. 35% of children enter kindergarten without the necessary skills to be successful students. (Read to Learn, a 1991 Carnegie Foundation report.)
There is a 90% probability that a child who is a poor reader in the first grade will be a poor reader in the fourth grade. (Nation’s Report Card 2003) stated that 40% of 4th graders and 31% of 8th graders are reading below basic skills level.
Our goal is to increase frequency and intention with which parents and care givers talk to their children, share books with their children and bring their children to the library.BRING YOUR CHILD TO STORYHOUR EVERY THURSDAY AT 10:30 AM.