Thursday, March 26, 2020

Census 2020 has started!

Hello Newton and Surrounding Areas!

The census has started and your response matters! The 2020 Census will determine congressional representation, federal funding, funding to our communities through libraries, schools, roads, public services, and provide data that will impact your communities for the next decade.

As rural areas we do not receive mail delivered to our homes, we have post office boxes. The mailings from the census are not mailed to post office boxes. Census workers were going to deliver those to us. With the outbreak of COVID-19 field operations have been suspended until April 1st as of now and could change depending on conditions. The mailing gives instructions on how to go online and complete the census. Everyone can go online and fill out the census without that mailing.

Please reach out by phone or video chat with family, neighbors and friends and encourage them to go online and fill out the census. If you have older family members that don't have a computer help them do that by video chat or other means and your device. We can all support and help each other. There is also a census phone number that they can call and do the census over the phone. 

Go to to complete the census.

Here is a little tutorial for those that do not have the mailer. You can easily fill out the census by entering your address properly.