Thursday, April 21, 2011


We have a new blog
Thanks to many of you we have great histories of our early towns people.
Many of them need to be transcribed. As they are being transcribed they are being cataloged and housed in our Special Collections at the library, but as a convenience to our patrons they are also being put on line at the above address.
Listed below are some of our new offering at the Special Collections at the Library:
Over two hundred pictures taken during of Amos Clarke’s life. What a historic treasure.
Early History of the Newton Ward, with many pictures and early documents.
We have over 200 histories and pictures of Newton in our Special Collections at the library, stop by and see us.
If you want to have some fun check out the work Larry D Christiansen has done @ this web site go there then check towns and scroll down to Newton. Larry collected notes and interviews while writing his History of Newton. He has given us permission to publish these items. They are being indexed and hopefully will be published by the 24th of July. What a historical treasure. If you are interested in purchasing this treasure please contact Cleo Griffin or the Library. All proceeds go to the Library.