Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hales Spring BOOK SALE---WEDNESDAY May 20-23rd---9:00-12:00 Hales Home 1612 East 1220 North 752-7253

Greetings Friends and Book Lovers,
    We are now ready for our spring book sale.  It's going to be great too!  I have a wonderful new offering of picture books.  Many that have been out of print have been reprinted and I have them in stock!  This is exciting for us old timers to see best loved books being reprinted again!
    As for our beginning reader books I have restocked the Rainbow Magic Fairy books.  I never seem to have enough so come in as soon as you can for the best selection. (Age 7-9, 2.00)  I have several full baskets of early readers.  Many are one of a kind, that's all I could get my hands on.  (Ages 4 and up 1.50 to 3.00)  I also have restocked the Geronimo Stilton books from our last sale.(7-9, 3.00-4.00)  They are hard to keep on library shelves!  There's also the GREAT series and the most popular for children from the Magic Tree House. (ages 7-9, 2.50-3.00)
    For the older children I have Kneeknock Rise, a NewBerry Honor book for ages 10 and up ( 2.00)  I found a bunch of copies of Andrew Clements THE JACKET.  If you haven't read this one it's a very important little book on prejudice and very well written too. (8 up, 2.00)  I got a bunch ofSarah Plain and Tall copies.  It won the Newberry medal some years ago.Hope Was here won the Newberry Honor medal and it's wonderful for young girls. (10 and up, 2.00)  I lucked out and got some more copies of Joan Bauers, Hope Was Here and Almost Famous (11 and up 4.00).  For boys I found Gary Paulsens, "Brian's Return.  (10 and up, 2.00).  I also have RULES which won the Newberry medal and also the Schneider Family Book award.  It's a clear look at having an autistic sibling.  Maniac Magee is back havind won the Newberry Medal some years ago.  It's a wonderful book for boys and girls too. (10 and up, 4.00).  I also found STONE FOX for 2.00 each.  We spent one whole day reading the STONE FOX when I was teaching school.  Then we wrote about it and made pictures to hang around the classroom.  It's a wonderful story!  (9 and up, 2.00).
    For older girls I have reordered the Ally Carter mystery series.  It's about girls who go to a school for extraordinary young women but it's really a school for young spies.  I have truly enjoyed reading these books!  Ally Carter is a hoot! (12 and up, 4.00)
    For those of you who have asked I finally have the Princess Academy!  It's a Newberry Honor book.  I loved this book and wish I had ordered more of them!  It's for ages 10 and up but would be an excellent read aloud too.  (4.00)
    I have a better selection of books for older boys and have carefully screened them for language and inappropriate situations.  Come on in and take a look.  Give me a call  if there's a specific book you'd like, I may have it!  I have too many books to name this time!  Thanks for your continued support.
    Most Sincerely,
   Tracine Parkinson
P.S. Check out the www.bookladysdaughter.com  for an update on great books for young and old!

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