Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Recommended Reading.
FREEDOM'S PATH a series of three books by JUDITH MILLER # 1 FIRST DAWN, # 2 ,MORNING SKY and #3 DAYLIGHT COMES. Interesting books about the settlement of Kansas after the Civil War. Miller is a good writer and these books are published by BETHANY HOUSE so you know they are clean books to read. Call number PS3613.C3858 CF.

Need some fun in your life. Ron Carter wrote a series of small books that you can read in an evening, that is if you can stop laughing long enough to finish them.
“The trial of May Lou, The Blackfoot Moonshine Rebellion, The Royal Maccabees Rocky Mountain Salvation Company and The Clearwater Union. (The Clearwater Union War is certain to have readers rolling with laughter as they follow a fascinating and often hilarious tale about unionization and the dilemmas it caused in rural western America. Ron Carter's delightful cast of characters includes twenty-three Chicago mobsters, who work for Big Ed and his mammoth union, and a handful of bright but sometimes backward Idaho locals who take on the Union bosses out of Chicago and win.) Call # PS3553.A7833 CF

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