Sunday, December 27, 2009

Swiss Family Robinson

Language: 0

Violence: 2

Sexual Content: 0

Adult Themes: 0

Title: The Swiss Family Robinson (Great Illustrated Classics)

Author: Johann Wyss, adapted by Eliza Gatewood Warren

Ratings Explanation

Violence: The family kills many animals, most of which they eat. Some animal kingdom violence, animals attack and kill each other.


Sailing from Switzerland, the Swiss family Robinson is headed for an island near New Guinea where they plan to establish a colony, but while underway they encounter a violent storm. Abandoned by the captain and crew, the family of father, mother and four sons must fend for themselves. They are able to reach an uninhabited island where they establish a home and survive for years against wild animals and the whims of nature. While on the island their resourcefulness and bravery are tested, but they come to love their home. When a ship sails into their bay, they must decide if they want to return to their homeland or stay on the island.

A true adventure!
There are so many great new books that sometimes we forget to go back and read the classics we grew up on. We read this aloud with our family and it was enjoyed by all. We watched the Disney movie a few years ago so the kids kept waiting for the pirates and the coconut bombs to appear in the story. They never do, so either that part was edited from this abridged version, or the pirates are an invention of Disney. But even without the pirates it is a great read. First published in 1813, this adventure has truly stood the test of time!

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