Monday, March 23, 2009


Does any one have pictures of William H. Griffin’s homes? He had three wives and each had a home.
We are also looking for anyone in our wards that had Mormon Battalion ancestors. We want to do a display of them and we will research their histories if you don’ have one. F you can help the library please contact Cleo Griffin at 435-563-6540 or the library on Monday nights from 3 to 7 pm.
We have a school picture that has Doug Griffin and Milo Benson are on; if you can help us identify the rest of the class would you please come to the library to help us.
We have a magazine exchange at the library, If you are through reading the magazines you take would you please donate them to the library. Our children like the National Geographic magazines.
Michelle Griffin is taking money and candy donations for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Eggs to be dyed will be at her house on Thursday April 9th. We need to thank Michelle for providing an Easter Egg hunt for our children.,
Have you visited the library lately: If not you have missed a treat. The new bookcases received via a grant paid for by Senator Hatch’s Utah Family Foundation filled with children’s books are a delight to behold.

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