Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Have you considered how the library can help you with your genealogy? Check our webs site ( ). After you are in the Web Site click on the words Newton Public Library, this will bring up a site that you can search our catalog. I suggest your click title, author and subject. I typed in Salisbury and got 10 hits, most of them were pictures of Salisbury’s in Amos Griffins class pictures, to find out which Salisbury’s picture is in our library check each base and the first and last name will appear in the subject or note matter. You will be surprised how much information we have in our Special Collections. This collection grows weekly. Other great sources are the Encyclopedia of the Church, DUP Books, County books, etc. They are indexed and you can have the librarian copy any information from these books.

Another great resource is thru Pioneer which is also on our web site or at ( ) In this data base there are newspapers from all over the county and also Heritage Quest is free to use with our pass word. C1P84327. Click on which ever data base you want, and then a screen will come up with city names on it. Go to where it says Everywhere Else and hit Enter Here this is where you use our password ( C1P84327 ) . You will then be able to search whatever data base you want: For instance in Heritage you will find Census, Books, Persi, Fredmans, Rev War, and Serial Set. All free to you because we are a certified library.

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