Saturday, January 12, 2008

Help at the library.

The library has a tape recorder that can be checked out to use to
record a history of a parent , grandparents., etc.. We ask in return
that you give us a transcript of the history , with permission to put
the history our Special Collections Department. You will need to
provide your own tape.

Did you get tons of pictures for Christmas. Would you like to
preserve them on a CD? We have a great scanner at the library.
We also have CD's that we sell for 50cents, or you may bring your
own, we do not charge for scanning .

After you scan your pictures into a program called pictures, then you
can then transfer them into a program called Picasa2 . In Picasa2
you can crop, enlarge, reduce , enhance , and many other things.
After changing the pictures to your specifications they can be copied
to the CD. Instructions are at buy the North computer where the
sanner is, or ask the librarian for help.

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