Friday, May 23, 2014


Recommended reading for June . It can be ordered on line for you kindle or other device through the Li bray. THE PRINCE OF PEACE by William Jennings Brian , is a great little book written by one of Americas great orators. This book is a lecture he gave as to the divinity of Christ. Starting in 1904 and given in many countries. The following is just a sample of the books contents.
Our food must we understand it before we eat it? If we refused to eat anything until we could understand the mystery of its growth, we would die of starvation. But this mystery does not bother us in the dining room.
One of his analogies concerning the Divinity of Christ is about a watermelon.”I was eating a piece of watermelon some months ago and was struck with its beauty. I took some seeds and dried them and weighed them and found that it would require some 5 thousand seeds to weigh a pound; and the I applied mathematics to that forty -pound melon. One of these seeds put into the ground, when warmed by sun and moistened by rain, it takes off its coat and goes to work: it gathers from some where two hundred thousand times it own weight and forcing this raw material through tiny stem, constructs a watermelon. It ornaments the outside with a covering of green : inside the green it put a layer of white, and within the core of red and through the red it scatters seed, each one capable of continuing the work of reproduction. Who drew the plan by which that little seed works? Where does it gets its tremendous strength?
Where does it gets its coloring matter? How does it develop a watermelon? Until you can explain a watermelon do not be too sure that you can set the limits of power of the Almighty and say just what He would or how He would do it..”

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