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Sale is March 19-22 (Wed-Sat), 9:00 am to noon.

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Subject: HALES Book Sale March 19-22, TONS of new BOOKS! 752-7253~~~1612 East 1220 North, Logan COME AND SEE!

    Greetings All Book Lovers, March 10, 2014

    As most of you know my father passed away on February 7th.  He's been bank rolling my non-profit book business since mom died.  I didn't know if we were going to be able to stay in business but my siblings all agree that moms vision of getting good books into children's hands at the lowest possible price was a tradition worth saving.  SO forward we go!
    For the older children ages 12 and up I have some new books.  The last one my dad reviewed before he died was BOMB by Steve Sheinkin.  It was a Newberry honor book last year but I hadn't read it.  My husband read it also and just LOVED it, so did dad.  It would appeal to older boys for sure.(5.00 13 up)  I also have Carl Hiaasens Chomp, Flush, and Hoot (Winner of the newberry medal).  All three are hilarious for boys or girls.(4.00 12 up)  Also another Newberry Honor Book from last year that I hadn't read until now is,"Three Times Lucky."  It has a few bad words in it but its a terrifically funny mystery that reads like velvet.  I do not sell books with bad language so I thought I'd give you a heads up if you want to read it first and blot out the few naughty words.  I got The Princess Academy and The Princess academy Palace of Stone back in.  I am so sorry we ran out last sale.  They are for girls ages 12 and up (4.00)  They are both the kind of books you can't put down!  On a fluke I found Avi's "Crispin The cross of the Lead".  Its more of a boys book but I sure didn't put it down when I read it! (12 up 2.50)  Also I found an oldie but goodie,"Out of the Dust " by Karen Hesse.  Its the winner of the Newberry Medal a number of years ago.  My mom MADE me read it and it still remains a favorite of mine today. (3.00 11 UP)  I have a huge selection of award winning novels for older children but only have five copies each of them so come early and partake!
    For ages 7-9 I have a new stock of Geronimo Stilton books.  They are fabulous and the children love the little pictures on each page.  They have really taken off in the United States.(7-9 4.00)  I have a new stock of The Hundred Dresses as we ran out last time.  It too won the Newberry medal and is by Eleanor Estes.  Its a book that just never goes out of style. (9 UP 4.00)  I got the Chocolate Touch back in!  It has been a favorite in our home with our boys.  Its by Patrick Skene Catling. (2.00 7-9)  I also have a new set of the Clemintime books for girls.  She is so hilarious!  Your daughters will love her.  On another note, the boys think she's pretty funny too.  We have a ton of the Magic Tree House books.  They remain the rock for readers 7-9.  There is something for everybody in this series and its very well written too!  Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen is back too.  This is a must read short little funny book.  My dad just sniffed at it when I asked him to review it but by the time he'd finished it he was converted! (3.00 9 UP)  I still have Gary Paulsens The Voyage of the Frog.  It has the word damn in the fist chapter and then it's clean for the rest of the book.  Its another exciting book for boys (9 UP 2.00)    I honestly believe that getting good readers between the ages of 7-9 is crucial.  This is the time when our children become readers!  Reading aloud never goes out of style.  My husband still reads me his favorite chapters of the books he reviews for me!  
    I haven't forgotten the picture books.  I am so excited about what I have found.  There's so many new and old titles and this note is already too long.  So sorry.  Come and browse through the wonderful picture books.  You will make new friends and find old friends lost!  Hope to see you here!
Call me if there's anything specifically you'd like me to set aside!
Much Love,
Tracine   Check us out!

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