Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hales Autumn Book Sale~November 20-23rd~9:00am-12:00pm OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER!~ 435-752-7253~ 1612 East 1220 north, Logan

Greetings Readers Young and Old,
    Yes it's true, we have more books than we have ever had before!  Our house is bursting with excellent reading material.
    We'll begin with the non readers.  The board books for ages 0-3 are the most expensive and hardest to find.  They also have been selling the fastest but we have a glorious selection.  For you new moms and grandmas we have plenty of beautiful books for your tots.
    I can't even begin to tell you about the picture books.  So many have been brought back into print that I knew when I was a small child.  They range in the 2.00 to 4.00$ range.  If there is something specific you  need just ask, I can usually find it.  I've included my phone number and address in the heading.  Just give me a call!
    We have such delightful Christmas selections for adults and children this year.  All the Christmas books will be set up downstairs.
    Now for the beginning readers ages 4-6 I have a terrific selection, mostly singles but still I have the Biscuit books for new readers.  I know you will find something your child will be interested in!
    For ages 7-9 I have really stocked up on the Magic Tree House Books.  They range in the 2.00-2.50 price range.Beginning chapter books are so very important for our children.  They determine whether or not your child graduates to the thicker and more exciting adventures.  I just got home from a trip to Italy and I found that Geronimo Stilton is the most read author for emergent readers in all of Italy!!  I have an excellent selection of his books but they do sell out quickly.  I also have The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling.  I remember reading it to my boys aloud and laughing my head off.  It's 2.00 for ages 8 up.  Also for boys I have Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen.  It's on my dads top ten list for funny books.  I am so grateful to have it back in stock. (3.00 8 up)  For girls I have The Hundred Dress!  It's my most requested book for young girls and was written by Eleanor Estes.  It's finally back in print. (4.00 8 up)  Old Yeller by Fred Gipson is back in print.  It's one of the favorites from my younger days. (2.00 10 up)  Lastly is  the CLEMENTINE BOOKS.  THEY WERE MY MOMS FAVORITE FOR YOUNG GIRLS!  (3.00 8 up)  I also have the beloved Fairy books for 2.00 each.  The 7-9 year old young ladies LOVE them.
    Now for the older readers.  I got a remarkable deal on all three of the Newberry winners this year!  They are all 5.00 each!  The winner is called The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.  It's a story for animal lovers folks and it really tugs at the heart strings.  I loved it.  It's also good for both boys and girls.  For girls I also have The Princess Academy and The Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale.  She knows how to tell a story! (4.00 11 up)  The newest Newberry honor books are Splendors and Glooms, a magnificent fantastical novel by Laura Amy Schlitz, and Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage.  Both are for ages 12 AND up and are 5.00.  I have always loved Carl Hiaasen's books but they have been too expensive to carry.  He lives in England and writes exclusively about the Florida Everglades and saving the environment.  I lucked out and got CHOMP and HOOT for 4.00 each.  They are hysterical and impressive.  I highly recommend them!
    For the older boys I got my hands on a bunch of Rick Riordans books including The Son of Neptune in hardback!  They range between 4.00 to 5.00 and are for older boys.  For male sports enthusiasts we have a nice selection of well written athletic novels. (3.00-4.00 12 up)
    There are so many books I'd like to tell you about but I'm rambling now.  Come and see all the new reads and the old reads that are  back in print!  You won't be sorry.  Thank you so much for your support and kind words.  See you next week!

Most Sincerely,
Tracine, The Book Lady's Daughter

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