Thursday, March 25, 2010

“John W Nelson aka Black Jack Nelson”

FROM The Special Collection of the Newton Library
Contrary to popular belief Newton’s famous bandit “John W Nelson aka Black Jack Nelson” was still living in Newton with his 6th spouse in 1920. To read of his escapades and alleged escapades come to the library and check out our collection of stories about him and his family. Once again Larry D Christiansen has done a masterful job of putting Black Jacks past in perspective.
We also have the 1870 and 1880 census of Newton and Clarkston (which were transcribed by Larry) at the library. All of the above can be checked out at the library.

Cleo Griffin needs your help, we are trying to identify where each household lived in the 1870 per the census records. If you have pictures, histories of the following people please let us borrow them. Cleo will scan them and return them to you with a copy for you also.
Joseph or Joe Wilson , Cyrus Clark, Samuel Worthington, Arthur Goody, Godlip Surivel, James Johnson, Peter Anderson, Fredrick Busler, John Suter, Leland Whitaker, Elizabeth Loosli , Ann Eckerman, Ole Anderson, William Sparks, Alva Cummings, Willam Ricks, Paul Larson, . The spelling could be wrong as the census taker may not have known the correct spelling. Please call her @ 563-6540 or email her @ cleo144@ gmail.

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