Saturday, January 10, 2009


Library/Special Collections
MORMON BATTILION (help)!!We want any of you who have Mormon Battalion ancestors to please let the Cleo Griffin or Ruby Woodward know . We want to redo the glass display cases and would like to honor your ancestor in it. Cleo is at the library Monday and Thursday from 3 to 7 PM.
We are searching for pictures of Wm. H Griffin's original homes. One was located where Burke and Jan Benson now live at 59 N Center ST and another one was, just south of Yuvonne Sparks house.
SERVICE STATIONS. We are searching for histories and pictures of the service station that have existed in Newton. Can you help us?
HAVE YOU SEEN THEM??? Come to the library and check out the great pictures of the Logan Temple and Old Main at USU. While there enjoy browsing in the Children's and Young Adult Library which was set up by our great Library Board and many hours by Sarah Rigby.
Library hours: Mon. 3 to 7 pm ;Tues. 3 to 6pm, Thur. 10 to 1pm: STORY HOUR on Thur, 10:30. all ages invited. Thur afternoon 3 to pm. Sat 12 to 4 pm. Our blog address is Look here for new and interesting things about the town and library.
Our Web address to check out what books we have is . We thank all you good Newtonites for your support.

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