Saturday, September 13, 2008


County wide library system.
We have the opportunity to participate in a county wide library system. I urge you to let our town board know what a great thing this would be for our children and patrons. Image being able to go into any library in the county and choosing any book, audio, or DVD’s, or ordering the item online at home or from the Newton Library . Within 2 days the item would be delivered to the Newton Library for you to pick up.
Just think what a resource this is for our school children. Because we have a library to contribute to the county system our taxes will not increase like the county ‘s does. The county would go after grants for us, do the cataloguing, write the many state reports that take up so much time; Golly the librarian would have the opportunity to be a librarian. This opportunity is not likely to happen again in the foreseeable future.
Money that is donated by people in the community, the resources that are bought with this money will stay in our library.

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