Friday, February 22, 2008

Special Collections at the library

Special Collections at the library.
I (Cleo) am in the process of indexing the notes Larry Christiansen gave us that he acquired in writing his History of Newton. I don’t know when I have had more fun.
One such story as folows.
Holding the Horse’s Tail Run
Alma Benson was talking to an individual who owned an extremely fast horse. In the course of their conversation Alma bet the man that he could hold onto this fellow’s horse’s tail while it ran a block. The man huffed and puffed that that Alma could never do it as his horse was too fast for any person to keep to it. Alma insisted that he could do it and again offered the bet. Again with witnesses present the bet was made. The man went and brought his fast horse to the site to run, and more spectators gathered to see what was up. Alma asked the man to get off his horse and he did. Alma got on the horse, grabbed the horse’s tail and pulled it up to his shoulder, and then he dug in his heels onto the horse and galloped the animal for a block holding on to the horse’s tail all the way.
Afterward, the horse’s owner claimed foul and unfair, but the witnesses would have none of it. They declared the bet valid, on the up and up and fair beyond question, thus duly won by Alma Benson.
Interview with Alvin Christiansen March 1967 from a book given to us by Larry Christiansen which we are in the processing of indexing with hope of publishing

Newly catalogued additions to our Special Collections
One of the many pictures from the book by Milton Anderson “Cold Spring Farm”

This was donated to the library by Milton. Another valuable book that we had the opportunity to copy is the Minutes of the West Cache Growers from 1935 to 1992 which was located in Cache Junction. We want to thank Dan Douglas for giving us this opportunity. Come view these books in our Special Collections Section.

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